Pool Operator

Job Summary

Superior Shores Resort is seeking a part-time pool operator. Full time positions are available and job duties would be shared between pool operator and maintenance technician job  duties. The Pool Operator is responsible for the overall maintenance and operation of pools and hot tubs at the resort.

Duties and Responsibilities

  1. Maintains pool water quality through daily testing and balancing water; adjustment of chemicals where necessary; maintains all chemicals within state guidelines.
  2. Preforming maintenance on all pool fixtures.
  3. Cleaning pools, pool deck, and pump areas by following best practices to ensure a safe environment.
  4. Emptying skimmer baskets, pump baskets, and cleaner bags.
  5. Brushing pool walls, vacuuming, and filter cleanings.
  6. Drain pools when needed.
compensation: starting at $14-17 per hour depending on experience
employment type: part-time (full time available with job duties split with maintenance technician)
contact for interview: Kris Pederson at krispederson@superiorshores.com or 218-834-5671

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